Asbestos – London’s big problem

asbestos gone van

Although illegal for decades, the large scale use of asbestos over a 150 year period means that the problem of asbestos still haunts London’s buildings. Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than in a shocking report by Brent Joint Unions that highlights the widespread use of asbestos in schools across the London borough, and the damaging effect that this has had on pupils through the years.

The story of how one former pupil at a school in Brent was shown to have developed mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos, at the age of 40 because she was exposed to the material whilst a pupil, highlights the ongoing problem of asbestos and the need for asbestos removals in London buildings.

The report of historic use of asbestos throughout schools in London, and the fact that it is still present throughout the capital’s schools, shows that this is very much a danger to building users in general. The call from the Joint Union Asbestos Committee for widespread asbestos removal would address the problem in schools, but there is still much more to be done.

The removal of asbestos in London‘s public sites is just the tip of the iceberg, whether renovating residential or commercial properties across London, construction workers are at risk of long term health damage from asbestos that still lurks hidden in the fabric of buildings.