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At Asbestos Gone, we are a team with more than ten years of experience removing and disposing of asbestos safely. We provide asbestos removal services across London and the South East, including Kent and Essex. If poor condition asbestos has been identified in your property, it is vital that it is removed and disposed of correctly.
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As an asbestos removal company with more than ten years of experience in removing and disposing of asbestos safely, we are a team of trusted contractors.

At Asbestos Gone, we provide a safe and efficient asbestos removal service across London, South East, Kent and Essex.

Asbestos is not a material that is easily identified, so it is unlikely that you will know for certain whether it is within your property's structure without a professional asbestos survey.

We offer a bespoke service to our clients to ensure their residential or commercial space is safe according to health and safety legislation.

As professionally trained experts in the safe removal of asbestos, we’ve made it our responsibility to safeguard your well-being. Using our vast knowledge and expertise, we carry out asbestos roof removal, asbestos garage removal, and many more.

asbestos removal in the south east uk

Why is it important to remove asbestos from your property?

Asbestos is a mineral that was once used in a wide range of products, from insulation to building materials. Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that affects the lungs and chest wall.

Asbestos poses health risks if it is disturbed or damaged by either natural or artificial means. It can also cause health problems if you breathe its airborne fibres into your lungs. 


What should you do if you suspect you have asbestos in your property?Removals

As asbestos is an extremely dangerous material that causes fatal health conditions, it is important that you remove everyone from the building and get a survey booked. If it is then confirmed that asbestos has been located in the property, then you should book one of our skilled licensed professionals at your earliest convenience. 

asbestos removal in the south east
asbestos removal in the south east uk

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

Asbestos, unfortunately, has no stand-out features, plus it has no odour. However, it can look like strange white fibres that stick out from the materials in your home. We specialise in asbestos roof removal and asbestos garage removal, and more! So, whether you know for certain or suspect you have asbestos within your home, we are available to lend a helping hand.


Where Do You Usually Find Asbestos?Removals

Asbestos is commonly found in any building or renovation that was developed in 1999 or before. This was due to asbestos being widely used across the country as a popular building material that was easily accessible and worked really well - before the health hazards were discovered! It is mainly found in unexpected areas within commercial or residential properties, so if your property was built before the year 2000, it is important you get it professionally assessed. 

asbestos removal in the south east
asbestos removal in the south east uk

How long does the removal take?

Ultimately, the time required to remove asbestos will vary dependent on each individual case. This is usually due to the amount of asbestos needing to be removed, whether it is in an easily accessible space, the supplies needed for the removal and equipment logistics.


Plus, the abatement period follows after the removal. This process ensures that the chance of asbestos fibres is at reduced risk of becoming airborne. It is incredibly important that this is given the correct amount of time for your safety.

Contact our team to get a bespoke quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Asbestos Survey Cost?
With our surveys we aim to give you the best possible service to detect any possible asbestos and then take the appropriate measures. There are many variables when it comes to doing an asbestos survey. The age of the building, the size and the type of asbestos are factors to consider. The size is one of the main factors, but also the area affected, as depending on the way the buildings were built, they can have more or less asbestos. At Asbestos Gone, we offer a fixed price of £260 plus VAT for a 5 bedroom property. Therefore the cost of our services is justified by the service and size of your home.

Then there's the abatement period, which must be followed in order for a property to be safe to enter. Many clients overlook the importance of cleaning the air of a property where asbestos has been handled to reduce the chance of asbestos fibres becoming airborne.

This procedure takes time, but it is time well spent in ensuring the safe evacuation of the item.
How Long Does An Asbestos Survey Take?
Depending on the considerations that we have mentioned (size, age and type of asbestos), an asbestos survey can take between one and two hours, and we make sure that you will have a response from our side within 48 hours.
Why Do You Need An Asbestos Survey?
Asbestos was banned in 1999, so if your property was built or refurbished before 1999, then there is a possibility that asbestos-containing materials could be present within your property. It is the duty holder’s responsibility by law to prove that asbestos is not present in their property. If you are in any doubt, you need to look at having an asbestos survey completed without delay.

More recently constructed buildings should have a Bill of Materials in place, proving that your property was not built with any hazardous materials following CDM Regulations.

Types Of Asbestos Removal

We work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke service to resolve any challenge they face related to asbestos presence. We make it our responsibility to safeguard your well-being and reputation, focusing on your safety and compliance with the highest security standards.

Asbestos Roof Removal

With our years of knowledge, we can remove asbestos in your roof quickly and efficiently, minimising the risk of exposure to you and anyone else nearby.

Asbestos Garage Removal

With our years of knowledge, we can remove asbestos in your roof quickly and efficiently, minimising the risk of exposure to you and anyone else nearby.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

To be declared non friable, asbestos floor tiles must be removed, handled, and disposed of in a way that keeps the material intact. If the material is damaged it can cause harm to the residence within the surrounding area.

Thats why its best to consult with a professional for the safety of the residents.

Asbestos Artex Removal

Asbestos-containing Artex can be harmful in large quantities. If the textured coating has cracks, it is essential to let a trustworthy individual or firm remove the asbestos. If improperly handled, it can disperse into the surrounding area, causing serious harm.
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conrad mcglinn
Fast and efficient service. removed all guttering containing asbestos and cleaned up thoroughly after. Friendly work men
Len Davies
Len Davies
The quoting process was easy, they arrived when they said they would and they did a very good job. Very satisfied and would use again in the future.
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Anthony Sumner
Great service - will definitely be using them again
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Marvyn Lafayette
Lightning quick, super professional service. I made an enquiry using the online form and was contacted by email within minutes. The firat available date that could be booked was a day that was working at 1pm, so the person who booked me in ensured that the team would arrive as early as possible. On the day, the guys explained to me exactly what they would need to do, performed the removal extremely quickly and tidied and hoovered afterwards. Would highly recommend!
Debra Lavelle-Taylor
Debra Lavelle-Taylor
Fast and efficient service. Everything taken away. Reasonable price for the job. Would recommend, thanks.
Oliver Denby
Oliver Denby
Superbly efficient service. Very pleased overall
Eleanor Burns
Eleanor Burns
Brilliant! Really responsive, helpful and quick to turnaround the arrangement of the survey and also at a time that works well outside of working hours too. Thank you.

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