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High Quality Asbestos Services Greenwich

High Quality Asbestos
Services Greenwich

High Quality Asbestos Services Greenwich

Asbestos Gone has a team of expert workmen that provide high quality asbestos services Greenwich, including through London and across the South East.

Safety is at the heart of all what we do, from our asbestos removal services, through to controlled demolitions. When asbestos fibres are released and inhaled they can cause very serious diseases and can be fatal. Companies can be fined for installing asbestos-containing material (ACM) during refurbishment work and not making certain that they stay to the right safety standards for their workmen by the correct removal of asbestos. Our high quality asbestos services Greenwich can help you meet the proper safety regulations and standards.

Asbestos can be found in sheds, garage roofs, tiles, loft insulation and flues. There are dangerous materials that are commonly found in older properties, or properties that have been refurbished before the 2000s. However, not all the asbestos containing materials have easily identifiable features and they can be obscured because the asbestos is located behind or within Artex coating, cement roofs, guttering, or pipe coating.

Every week there are as many as 20 deaths somewhat linked to people working with asbestos. This is why the correct removal of ACMs is necessary for safe living and working conditions. Our team of experts work to a code of practice and are trained to remove all varieties of asbestos in accordance with current legislation. Our high quality asbestos services in Greenwich ensure the correct compliance, proper removal, and the best possible safety standards.

Based in the South East, our asbestos specialists will dispose of asbestos throughout the South East including Greenwich, Kent and Essex.

Asbestos Gone is a trading name of DOV Services Ltd. Registered in England & Wales No. 12565256.