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Residential and Commercial Asbestos Testing in Kent

For more than 10 years Asbestos Gone has been helping property owners rid themselves of the scourge of asbestos with timely and accurate asbestos testing and fast and effective asbestos removal and mitigation work.

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What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material that was widely used in the building trades during the mid-20th century. It was primarily employed as insulation but eventually found its way into a multitude of products including countertops, floor tiles, oven mitts and more. Once the dangers of asbestos became clear the UK government banned it entirely in 1999. But asbestos remains a lingering threat believed to cause upwards of 5,000 deaths per year in the UK.

Importance of an Asbestos Survey

An asbestos survey answers the question of whether asbestos is present in your home. It is particularly important for homes built in the mid-20th century when asbestos was in widespread use.

As asbestos products age they break down. When this happens asbestos fibres become airborne and are breathed in by people in the home potentially leading to a variety of diseases including mesothelioma, an aggressive form of lung cancer.

Asbestos fibres are extremely small. So small you can breathe them in without realising it. For that reason it is crucial to hire qualified asbestos professionals to conduct asbestos testing.
asbestos testing in kent

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical asbestos survey ranges from about £150 for a small home to about £260 for a large home, plus VAT.
It depends on the size of the home, but most asbestos testing takes around one or two hours.

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More than 20 years after being banned asbestos continues to haunt UK homeowners. Asbestos Gone can conduct asbestos testing and removal that will put your mind at ease.