Failure to get adequate survey carries hefty fine

asbestos gone van

Last month two companies were fined after unsafe asbestos work was carried out without a thorough assessment of the materials present. While a licenced company had been sub-contracted to remove hazardous materials by the main construction company, further work was then undertaken without the proper asbestos survey and testing.

The lack of a full refurbishment and demolition survey meant that fibre boards were cut without the correct protection and procedures taking place, and only later sent for asbestos testing. An HSE investigation found that work was carried out without establishing the location, presence and extent of asbestos containing materials on site, and that both the main contractor and the asbestos removal company were responsible for this oversight, and breached construction and asbestos regulations. The fines placed on the two companies amounted to a total of £14,000.

Allpro Environmental is fully licenced and can provide a complete asbestos survey for any site and will identify hazardous materials, which can then be removed safely, helping all our customers comply with current legislation.