Kent Construction Workers Exposed to Asbestos

asbestos gone van

As many as 200 construction workers on the Panorama Development in Ashford have been exposed to asbestos during the conversion of the Charter House building in Kent.

A recent court case heard how the workers, many Gurkhas and new to construction work, were employed by Barroerrock Construction and given inadequate protection and no asbestos training.

In a court case, the company was accused of blatantly disregarding the findings of an asbestos survey carried out on the site. The work site was described as a “war zone”, littered with rubble and asbestos material. The HSE imposed a fine of £750,000 on Barroerrock Construction although the company has now gone into liquidation.

This case highlights the need for experienced asbestos workers to carry out building works where asbestos has been identified, and professional companies to be employed in the removal of asbestos materials.

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