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Low Cost Asbestos Removals Greenwich

Low Cost Asbestos
Removals Greenwich


Asbestos Gone is a team of well-trained experts that provide low cost asbestos removals Greenwich.

Safety is the core of all that we do, all our asbestos removal is always done to the highest of standards. Asbestos can become a issue when fibres from Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are disturbed. These fibres can be breathed in and this can lead to serious illness and be a significant factor for fatal diseases. UK companies can be fined for supplying, providing, or even disturbing asbestos; and by failing to ensure the safety of their workmen by the proper removal of asbestos.

Sheds, loft insulation, tiles, garage roofs, and flues containing asbestos have been found to be installed in properties constructed or refurbished pre-2000. Not all asbestos-containing material (ACM) is easy to spot, it is often obscured within Artex coating, pipe coating, guttering and cement roofs.

With over twenty tradesmen dying every week with conditions associated with working around asbestos, the safe removal of ACMs is vital for your safety. Our specialist team are fully trained to deliver low cost asbestos removals Greenwich, giving you the best service at the best price. Our team of experts can remove all asbestos present in accordance with current legislation, maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Working throughout the South East, we can provide low cost asbestos removals Greenwich, and our asbestos specialists will safely remove of asbestos. We are proud of our asbestos services, and we love making your premises secure.

Asbestos Gone is a trading name of DOV Services Ltd. Registered in England & Wales No. 12565256.