Method of Removal

All work will be carried out strictly in accordance with current legislation and relevant HSE Guidance Notes.
The removal works will be carried out under fully controlled conditions within tented enclosures.
The removal works will be carried out in a “respirator zone” to segregate the asbestos to be removed. The removal works will be carried out using the shadow vacuum technique.
The removal works will be carried out using the spray and remove technique by which the asbestos material will be sprayed with a fibre suppressant before being removed.

Quotation Includes The Following:

  • 14-day notification to the enforcing authority and submission of method statement/plan of work and drawings,
  • Management, supervision and administration costs,
  • Erection of work enclosures, segregating the asbestos to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres, Set up of a respirator zone, segregating the asbestos to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres, Extensive insurance cover as required,
  • A smoke test of the work area prior to commencing asbestos removal,
  • Provision of negative pressure units attached to the enclosure,
  • Provision of a decontamination unit with which to decontaminate operatives after removal,
    The use of dust suppressant techniques within the enclosure to reduce fibre levels (as far as reasonably practical),
  • Provision of a lockable waste container in which to store asbestos waste for the duration of the contract,

Air Monitoring

Our quotation does include air monitoring which we will appoint a UKAS accredited laboratory to carry out as minimum random personal monitoring within the enclosure, a visual inspection within each work enclosure, followed by air clearance tests and upon success reassurance air tests should be carried out.
In accordance with regulation 16 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 and paragraphs 150-173 inclusive of the Approved Code of Practice L28 – Work with asbestos insulation, asbestos coating and asbestos insulating board (Fourth edition), on completion of removal works the premises will be assessed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory to determine whether they thoroughly clean and hence fit to be returned for normal occupation. On satisfactory completion of the above requirements, a Certificate of Reoccupation will be issued by the independent verifying laboratory

Decorations & Damage

Whilst every effort will be made to minimise damage to ensure adequate control measures during the removal works we may be required to fix existing surfaces (i.e. walls, ceilings various surfaces including wallpaper etc.). Although due care will be taken, Asbestos Gone cannot be held responsible for damage to decorations due to our need to create sealed work enclosures for the safe removal/repair or encapsulation of asbestos products.

Process For Removing Textured Coating

  • Plasterboard ceilings:
    Textured coating removed intact to plasterboard
  • Plaster to walls:
    Scraped using handheld scrapers ( as far as reasonably practical). We may need to chisel off including the plaster back to brick.

Please note DOV services will not be held responsible for making good.

Electricity & Water

It is assumed that we will be provided free of charge with a supply of mains water and 240/110-volt power adjacent to the work area and to our decontamination facilities for the duration of the contract. 3 Phase power to enable the bitumen adhesive removal supplied by the client.

Site Facilities

It is assumed that we will be provided with a secure location for our mobile decontamination unit. It is assumed that we will be provided with secure onsite parking for Asbestos Gone’s vehicles.
It is assumed that we will be provided with a convenient location for our lockable waste container.

Welfare Facilities

It is assumed that welfare facilities will be made available to Asbestos Gone’s operatives for the duration of the contract if this is not possible please let us know.

Disconnection Of Services

Our price is based on any electrical items affixed to the asbestos or obstructing access to same will be isolated/disconnected by others prior to our commencement of work and any pipe-work or mechanical items/plant requiring removal will be drained or made safe accordingly.

Possession Of Site

We will require complete possession of the area for the duration of the works. We will require designated transit routes through the building/site for staff to safely transit to the hygiene unit. This route is to be kept clear at all times and to be segregated off to comply with all current legislation. We will require designated transit routes through the building/site for staff to safely transit all generated waste safely to the waste disposal skip or waste vehicle.

Working Hours

Monday – Friday days 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Site Restrictions

We would point out that our works will obstruct access by others to the following areas until air clearance tests have been carried out.


Please be advised that all paperwork relevant to these works, including analytical and waste consignment notes shall remain the property of Asbestos Gone until we have received payment in full.

Outside Parties

We reserve the right to amend our quotation if not informed at tendering stage of any outside parties employed to oversee or interfere with any of our works at any stage of the contract.

Continuity of Work

Our quotation is based upon being given reasonable continuity of work on site. Should site conditions dictate otherwise, we reserve the right to review our prices?

Aborted Visits

In the event of an aborted visit, due to no fault of Asbestos Gone, we shall reserve the right to charge for the full day's costs including travelling times/or the period of booked accommodation arranged over and above the original quoted costs.


Our quotation does not include retention due to the nature of the works we are carrying out.

Main Contractors Discount

Our quotation does not include any main contractors discount

Additional Works

If the situation arises where additional works are found on-site within our enclosures/work locations or that are not detailed within our quotation or outside the scope of works, Asbestos Gone reserve the right to cease all works until costs have been agreed upon with the client/consultant and an order has been raised for the additional work.

We will not be held responsible for delays in programs produced by Asbestos Gone or the client in the event of works ceasing due to additional works found on-site outside our scope of work. As detailed above, no works will recommence until an amicable decision has been agreed with the client/consultant and an instruction/order including costs for the additional works has been received.


All prices exclude VAT which will be charged on invoices at the applicable rate.