Using a Registered Asbestos Company is a Must

asbestos gone van

Despite there being clear guidelines to the removal of asbestos in the UK, the Health and Safety Executive frequently reports on asbestos removal companies that fail to remove asbestos from contaminated premises following the correct safety procedures.

One report stated that in a case where Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) soffits surrounding the underside of the guttering around a family home had been dismantled, this had been done in an unsafe manner and created a serious risk of respiratory exposure of asbestos fibres to the two workers and the family living there.

This case highlighted the importance of using a registered asbestos removal company, since the HSE investigation showed that the home improvement company in question had not been licenced to remove asbestos. The unqualified company caused danger to those living and working in the environment and incurred hefty fines.

Allpro Environmental is proud to say that it is a fully licenced asbestos removal company, qualified to undertake all types of asbestos related work, and practiced at removing asbestos found during home improvements.